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Q: Ok, what the hell am I looking at here?
A: Post Conatus is a diary comic I started at the end of 2009 and have kept up at a fairly steady pace since; my aim is to make at least one 'strip' a week, but the way I write my stories can sometimes take a long time and often I get a back-log of drawn but un-inked strips. I don't draw anything unless I feel I have my 'angle' on it. Because of this, some weeks there could be a strip -or more- every day, others none. 

There were a few sporadic 'strips' before then and a 22-page comic I still haven't finished.

Q: Why?
A: Over the last several years (since 2008) I found comfort in keeping a sort of diary; transferring those thoughts and reflections from a Word document to illustrations seems like a natural evolution. This also gives me plenty of chance to have fun with the much underrated comics medium. I still keep my diary -which is an enormous help when I need to refer back to days while working on retroactive stories.

Q: What's that title about?
A: Check the dictionary:

POST- Prefix
After in time or order

CO.NA.TUS Noun, Plural -Tus
1. An effort or striving of natural impulse
2. (Philosophy) The tendency of all things to persist in their own being.

Q: Do you ever, you know, just make any of it up?
A: No. To me, the truth is paramount to the integrity of the work. Series of events/occurrences, names etc. are all fact. The only artistic license that takes place is when I can't remember the exact words someone said and I need to put those words into the story. I occasionally get the metaphors out to play, but these are easy to spot.

Q: What do you use to draw with?
A: Nothing special, though the ink is applied with various sticks and twigs. My favourite tool for that is currently those wooden coffee stirrers you get. I get mine from that little French place on King's Cross station (I never remember the name, but it's to the right of the Upper Crust). Incidentally, I enjoy the fact that I get to school by taking the train from King's Cross. It's magic.

Q: But WHY haven't you drawn any FACES?!?
                                            Sod off ;-)

If you have any burning questions about the world of Post Conatus, simply send me a message and I will try and answer them here!