Been shaving this one...for no real reason.

Albeit nearly a month after-the-fact, here's a post about Movember. It just dawned on me that I didn't actually post any photos of my self en-tached anywhere, but that didn't stop myself and a colleague raising over £200 this year! 

Long time no see

Incase you can't read my handwriting (which is a distinct possibility), in this 'entry' I explain the lack of recent posts being due to catching up on previously drawn pages and getting ready for ThoughtBubble...and Post Conatus Volume II
Don't worry, there's plenty more recent stories coming.

Conventional wisdom

A range of great Post Conatus books will be available, including some new ones!!


High five to those of you who get 'Missingno.' 

Not drowning but waving (goodbye)

ps: if you got the reference to Stevie Smith's poem were paying attention in year 9 English. Good for you.

May Day! -with guest art by Jack Davies!

Since my friend Jack Davies happens to be one of comics' rising talents, I figured it'd be cool to have him provide his character for this strip; he did too. Check his work out here!