NEWS:: Volume One in stock and available from Amazon now!

Yep, you can now get your hands on your very own copy of my inaugural autobiographical opus from the world's leading bookseller, The above link is what's called super-liminal marketing...and was a joke done on the Simpsons

New stories are just around the corner too -apologies for this slight dry spell...

Look what Blopped through the letterbox

And, should you be interested further in this competition, read what I had to say on my illustration blog here!

Third Strike!

Ok, I promise -PROMISE- that the next post will be on a different subject and won't be part of my spot 

Another Period Piece...

...and another chance for some more bloody awful puns ;-)
Thankfully, the phantom menstrual hasn't struck again this week, though I'm sure they'll know,  periodically [tumbleweed]

Period Drama

This one's for you Jack!

What was that someone said about working with children?

I was helping out at another of these events yesterday, so I figured you can all enjoy this entry from my soon-to-be-published graphic novel :-)