Location drawing is the tits!

This was in Cafe Nero at the weekend. Quite an interesting piece of reportage, unfortunately, due to a reputation I somehow came by at Uni, I got the feeling that showing my drawing to anyone would bring on the usual groan and eye rolling that accompanies anything I do containing an arse, breasts or a sex joke... yeah, I sometimes put that sort of stuff in my work, but other times it's really quite innocent and I just happen upon things -like another woman feeding her child yesterday at Tate Modern (who didn't bother with the scarf).

I didn't draw her in case you were wondering...

Dymo, Dymo, wherefore art thou Dymo?

And that's not all I had to hunt down either. I spent all day looking round town for Cromwell road, as I needed to buy a helium balloon, and it turned out that THAT road is right on the end of my road... what a spaz.

Also, the books I purchased on a whim -with my Dymo tape- were 'Illustrating Children's books' and 'Play Pen' by Martin Salisbury, as it's something I've been thinking about for a while. Or maybe I just want to pigeonhole myself into making books that don't contain dick and fart jokes? ...I don't know yet.

Merry Christmas?

Alex Hahn's 12 days of Christmas; University project set over the Christmas break. I had 12 pretty boring days, so I just thought I'd be honest about it. I had fun drawing all the banners and the compositions. Maybe I'll release it in some form, one day...