Weight off my shoulders

...Did I mention I was doing my dissertation last week?
It's done now. Not well, but done nonetheless.

Time for a short story gentle reader...

This was my entry for some poorly organised graphic short story competition, which came to be from an idea for my upcoming autobiographical graphic novel, 'Post Conatus', and hearing about said competition. The story is self contained, but it was always intended to be included in my book as a fantasy/interlude to help clarify how I was feeling at that point of the story -and explain why I fucked up my project last term. The rest of the book is retelling actual events, so this, I feel, will add an interesting counterbalance to that... but more on that book later!

Oh, it didn't win, but -considering the positive statements David Hughes (who was a judge) had to say about the winner- I guess that's a good thing.

Actually, this was the week before...

Pretty much because I just wanted to do something with my stubs. Over.

Summer(ish) days


You'd think that with the second year ending, hand in, entering the Searle Award and other competitions, my 21st birthday amongst other things I'd have something more to say...

Location drawing is the tits!

This was in Cafe Nero at the weekend. Quite an interesting piece of reportage, unfortunately, due to a reputation I somehow came by at Uni, I got the feeling that showing my drawing to anyone would bring on the usual groan and eye rolling that accompanies anything I do containing an arse, breasts or a sex joke... yeah, I sometimes put that sort of stuff in my work, but other times it's really quite innocent and I just happen upon things -like another woman feeding her child yesterday at Tate Modern (who didn't bother with the scarf).

I didn't draw her in case you were wondering...

Dymo, Dymo, wherefore art thou Dymo?

And that's not all I had to hunt down either. I spent all day looking round town for Cromwell road, as I needed to buy a helium balloon, and it turned out that THAT road is right on the end of my road... what a spaz.

Also, the books I purchased on a whim -with my Dymo tape- were 'Illustrating Children's books' and 'Play Pen' by Martin Salisbury, as it's something I've been thinking about for a while. Or maybe I just want to pigeonhole myself into making books that don't contain dick and fart jokes? ...I don't know yet.

Merry Christmas?

Alex Hahn's 12 days of Christmas; University project set over the Christmas break. I had 12 pretty boring days, so I just thought I'd be honest about it. I had fun drawing all the banners and the compositions. Maybe I'll release it in some form, one day...