Hourly Comic Day 2016

Alex's contribution to hourly comics day, depicting a sequence of alarm clocks ringing and getting put on snooze between 9am and 12.30pm

More scribblings (on the back of the previous image) explain why Alex didn't take part fully in hourly comics day this year
This felt like a bit a of a cop-out for the 'every waking hour' requirement, but I'm pleased with the alarm sequence in its own right. What will next year bring?
If you're really into hourlies, you can find a little zine I made from 2015's Hourly Comic Day in my Etsy store!

Hourly Comic Day 2015

hourly comic day 2015 strip, including muffnut

To be continued...

This year my hourly comic day reached seven pages. I tweeted them throughout the day, but a coloured, physical version is available here (coming soon)